1. Before we go home. #VOI with Dyna, Cikey, Yuni, Andrakarna, Astari, Reynaldo, Keshia, Shelika, michelle, Dedek, Reggie, Stevani, Alda, Trisna, Olivia, Ola, Dea, Eldo, Yenny, and Theresa at Kinasih Resort – View on Path.

  2. Field trip VOI \:D/ with Keshia, Cikey, michelle, Stevani, Boy, Toma, Eldo, and Theresa at Big Bird – View on Path.

  3. Shine - Nosstress. One of my favorites.

    "I promise you, it’s never never never too late to learn to shine." – View on Path.

  5. Awwww :’| with Henry – View on Path.

  6. with Yoga – View on Path.


  7. andai matamu melihat aku

    terungkap semua isi hatiku

    alam sadar ku, alam mimpiku

    semua milikmu, andai kau tahu..

    andai kau tahu rahasia cintaku

    (Rahasia Hati - Nidji)

  8. delicatelittleflower:

    He gets nothing. He won’t be richer, won’t be on TV, still anonymous, and not a bit more famous.

    What he does receives are emotions. He witnesses of happiness, reaches a deeper understanding, feels the love, receives what money can’t buy. A world made more beautiful.

    And in your life, what is that you desire most?

    What is essential is invisible to the eye. Another heart-touching Thai’s commercial.


    (Source: herricahyadi)

  9. with Jessalyn – View on Path.

  10. Semoga Naufa cepat sembuh. ♡ – View on Path.