1. Wakakak. with Faldo – View on Path.

  2. Kangeeeen 214 :)) with Cikey, Yuni, Akage, Stevani, Boy, and Eldo – View on Path.

  4. W/ teacher @joeyparas . Thanks for every knowledge, inspiration, and happiness that you gave to us. Gonna miss you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again. :)

  5. W/ @riosilaen , our great teacher. \m/

  6. LOL with Astri Utami – View on Path.

  7. Before we go home. #VOI with Dyna, Cikey, Yuni, Andrakarna, Astari, Reynaldo, Keshia, Shelika, michelle, Dedek, Reggie, Stevani, Alda, Trisna, Olivia, Ola, Dea, Eldo, Yenny, and Theresa at Kinasih Resort – View on Path.

  8. Field trip VOI \:D/ with Keshia, Cikey, michelle, Stevani, Boy, Toma, Eldo, and Theresa at Big Bird – View on Path.

  9. Shine - Nosstress. One of my favorites.

    "I promise you, it’s never never never too late to learn to shine." – View on Path.